Recording Studio

AUDIO RECORDING (all prices subject to change) (Call for current deals)

  • 2 hours of recording $150* 
  • 4 hours of recording $300*
  • 6 hours of recording $450* 
  • 10 hours of recording $750**
  • (1 hour of recording $75)

(*implies per visit prices. **implies one full day of recording. More options for bands and vocalists are available and differ.)

Mixing and Mastering (starter prices- all prices subject to change)

  • 1 hour of mixing $75*
  • 3 hours of mixing $225*
  • 6 hours of mixing $450*
  • 0 hours rounds to 1 hour; i.e. 47 minutes
  • Mastering is $75 per song, contact for current deals

(*implies per visit prices-all prices subject to change.  Song and album options may be available.)

VIDEO RECORDING (starter prices- all prices subject to change)

  • 2 hours of recording $ 150* 
  • 4 hours of recording $ 300*
  • 6 hours of recording $ 450*
  • 10 hours of recording $ 750**

(*travel fees not included. **implies one full day of recording. View work)

Video Editing (starter prices- all prices subject to change)

  • 1 hour of video editing $75 per hour
  • Every client must know that one day of recording does not equal one day of editing. Each work is different and will always require more time to edit than to record.

(We will try to accommodate your budget. See our Work)

BOOKING AGENCY (starter prices- all prices subject to change)

  • Non-Exclusive Agent Agreement (to be discussed)
  • Exclusive Agent Agreement (to be discussed)
  • Artists seeking to be extended to available venues without an agreement (to be discussed)

(There will be available options to each member regarding payment. Don't miss your opportunity to rise to another level of entertainment. Join Now)


  • Contact one of our representatives for more information on how to become an active part. We are always seeking new areas to grow.
  • Use the contact form under the 'Reach' tab; be sure to state the nature of your questions or concerns.

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