Submission Rules

The submission form, below, is for artists applying for enrollment in See-M Records' Entertainment Agency Program. Please, note that the label and the agency are separate services of the same entity, and are not to be viewed as one and the same. Artists are allowed to submit to become a part of both services; however, for services under the label, See-M Records only considers music exemplifying Biblical morals and the artist must be an active believer. A music submission does not guarantee artist enrollment, nor does it imply that you are a member of See-M Records' music label. Each song file uploaded will be reviewed by our team. We will contact you with a response on your submission, and continue to update you on your submission status.

When sending files to SMR Entertainment Agency, submit no more than three (3) song files for consideration. All song files must be submitted in fully-compressed mp3. formats. Submitting larger files (i.e. 60mb files) may not be possible due to submission limitations.  However, in the event any artist would like to submit a mp3. 320 file and do not have artist images, feel free to submit one music file of high quality.  If we have not contacted you within three (3) business days, you may send a follow-up email with the subject: "Prior Submission".  

Do you know someone looking for an opportunity to start with a fresh mission in the music field? See-M Records also help develop artists desiring to hone their skill. Do you know someone with a positive passion for music? We're open to all people. Would you like to be booked more? See-M Records works on your behalf to get you the opportunities you seek and more. Come on in! See how we can help!

Thank you for your interest in See-M Records Entertainment Agency.

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