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Corey Mills began his pursuit of music in 2014, as he felt that one of his callings was to reach people through music.  His passion led him to believe articulating responses heighten the esteem of people and stimulate life changes.  With one studio album and two extended -play albums released, Mills is on a route to influence large populations. He ultimately believes that the anointing of God is what touches hearts.  He knows there are times people find reasons in music, and hopes to deliver what is needed.  "Christ drew all men with love, and I aspire to do the same by following "that" example." -- Corey Mills

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Alex Nollan is a rising jazz pianist who affiliates himself with jazz legends such as Donald Brown and Michael Jeffrey Stevens.  His interactions with his renowned mentors helped cultivate his skill. Since, Alex has played jazz throughout his career.

Nollan underwent piano studies as a child and progressed from there.  While he lived in Memphis, Tennessee, Alex studied as a member of the Jazz Ensemble at St. Benedict at Auburndale (SBA). He completed four years of professional studies.  The SBA Jazz Ensemble (SBAJE) performed several professional concerts each year Nollan was with the assembly, and won several international awards in Downbeat Magazine‚Äôs competitions.

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X-Truth (pronounced Cross Truth), is a Christian songwriter, performer, and record producer born in Youngstown, Ohio. At the age of six months, he was legally adopted by his paternal grandmother, Linda Faye Jones, and raised in Pinson, Alabama where he attended church since age six. He credits his grandmother for keeping him on the right path and providing him with opportunity to break the cycle of substance abuse and crime, encountered by his mother and father.

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