Alex Nollan

"One of my favorite highlights in my musical pursuits is having received a personal invitation
to attend the Ravinia Concerts as guests of Alexandre Rachmaninoff, the grandson of 
Sergei Rachmaninoff, in July, 2004"- Alex Nollan

My classical piano studies were made alive by receiving lessons from Kate Stimson of Rhodes College. Samuel Viviano of University of Memphis helped in this genre as well. Later, I began studying with a private jazz instructor, Michael Jefrey Stevens. Occasionally, I continue lessons with him. In fact, he was instrumental in encouraging me to further pursue Jazz Studies. I began studying with Gerald Stephens and Tim Goodwin, during that time. Eventually, I transferred to Rhodes College, where I could take courses in the liberal arts and continue to study with Gerald Stephens. I also played in the Rhodes Big Band- led by John Bass
In 2013, I graduated from Rhodes College; my concentration was Jazz.  After graduation, I studied with Stax Academy instructor, Stephen Lee.  I traveled regularly to Knoxville for lessons with one of the world's greatest jazz musicians, during this time. His name is Donald Brown. I cross-trained each week- in Memphis, TN- with renowned Tony Thomas; who played with the Temptations!

Later, I was accepted to graduate school at the University of Tennessee.  My instructors were jazz masters, Mark Boling and Greg Tardy." To say the least, I am completely competent in my pursuits. Allow me to entertain you.

 "When I was growing up I was able to travel. I have often been to places like Italy, Germany, Russia, and the United States. Traveling is not what entertains me. Entertaining folks like you, is my entertainment."

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