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See-M Records works to bring local communities and and entities in surrounding states quality audio and video production services as well as artist management and entertainment booking services.  As an independent, growing record label, See-M Records will produce and distribute quality, inspirational music and videos that helps to influence and preserve cultural arts and provoke new, creative arts.  As an entertainment agency, See-M Records connects with live music venues to offer a roster of many talents. These artists are not necessarily signed to the label, but have chosen to use See-M Records as a booking agency.

Our artist selection process is conducted by a panel of audio and entertainment experts who scrutinize the music of potential artists seeking enrollment in the entertainment agency.  After examination, each approved artist will have the option of being enrolled with the agency. After being accepted, See-M Records Entertainment Agency will begin marketing and offering each enrolled artist to live venues and councils of community events.  We aspire to obtain inspiring artists to help build our brand and attain these goals.

As a growing company, See-M Records will create jobs for sound engineers, Artists and Repertoire (A&R) Coordinators, marketing strategists, artists, publicists and other titles.  This development will support local businesses and local recording studios until See-M Records' recording studio has been fully developed.  See-M Records currently supports many charitable causes and companies. 

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Corey Mills

President of See-M Records

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